Thursday, 13 January 2011

Gig #2: Wed 12 January - Singing Adams, The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch

I was really looking forwards to this gig for two reasons.  Firstly, being a big Rumble Strips fan back in the day, I was looking forward to seeing Henry Clark do his first solo gig. And secondly, I really like the Singing Adams' new single 'I Need Your Mind' and had high hopes for the rest of their material.

The Old Blue Last was pretty busy, packed with friends of the bands and evidently some Rumble Strips and Broken Family Band followers.

Unfortunately, Henry Clark's set was a little disappointing, not least because I had it in my head that Henry was the lead singer of the Rumble Strips.  After half an hour deliberating which member of the band we were going to see on stage, I realised I was thinking of Charlie Waller and had no idea who Henry was (he plays trumpet and piano in case you wanted to know).  That aside, I was willing to give him a listen, but after a couple of songs I lost interest.  Perhaps this was due to the general sound level being a little too low, making it difficult to listen to his mix of Graham Coxon-esque ditties, but the patterns created on the wall by the mirrorball whirling around also became a little more interesting than the music.  Perhaps that's a little harsh...  My friend quite enjoyed it, but it didn't capture me.  Maybe it would have been better to see Henry in a more intimate and quieter venue.  Anyway, it was his first gig, so things can only get better, right?

Next came the Singing Adams.  They got off to a good start, and the tempo picked up three songs in when they played 'I Need Your Mind' - obviously a few fans of it in the room.  Highlights aside from the single were 'Giving It All Away' and 'Injured Party'.  The rest of the set was a mixed bag, and I can't say I came away thinking there were many other stand-out songs but then I'm unfamiliar with the material, as were most of the audience.  I'll definitely give their album a listen when it's released later this year and perhaps go and see them again once I'm familiar with more than a couple of songs. 

Listen: Singing Adams Myspace 
Homepage: Singing Adams

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