Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Week 10: Mon 7 March - The Phantom Band, Dingwalls, Camden

It's fair to say I wasn't in a very gig-going mood last week when heading up to Dingwalls in Camden to see The Phantom Band with my boyfriend (who's a big fan and was really looking forward to the gig - sorry!).  He gave me one of their albums in January and I had listened to it a few times, but not enough to become familiar with the songs before the gig. 

Fellow Scottish band Found opened the night with a short set which didn't really do it for me. The electronic element didn't really work - they'd have been better off with a standard drummer; and some of the harmonies were a bit off.  This only compounded the mood that I didn't feel like I wanted to be there.

Luckily, The Phantom Band came on and from the outset my mood lifted whilst listening to their catchy, percussive songs.  It helps that the front man is very charismatic which made the whole gig much more interesting, but generally, the band mix intricate melodies, harmonies and percussion to create great songs.  The crowd were all dancing and bouncing along. I wasn't overly convinced by their album before seeing them live, but now I've revisited it and have enjoyed it a lot more as it's easier to appreciate all the layers within each song.

Overall a very good band to see when in a bad mood. It's hard not to find yourself bouncing along with the beat and enjoying their banter. Thank you to The Phantom Band for being that little bit different and providing a breath of fresh air.


Listen: The Phantom Band Myspace
Official: The Phantom Band

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