Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Week 9: Wed 2 March - Vessels, The Borderline

I've been a bit slow with my blog updates lately, but the good news is even though I've not been blogging about it, I have been keeping up the resolution.  

Two weeks ago, I went to see Vessels at The Borderline.  My delay in blogging about it was caused slightly by the fact I didn't really know what to say.  I'm not really au fait with prog-rock so I don't feel too confident writing about a genre I don't usually listen to as I have very little to compare it with.  That said, I'll approach it merely from an enjoyment point of view, and on the whole, I really enjoyed Vessels.

It was a completely different gig experience.  My friend described them as "guitars to melt your face off" - perhaps that's an accurate enough description.  We were struck by a wall of rousing energy from start to finish.  I was mesmerised by the speed at which the drummer's sticks were moving - he was phenomenal - it was quite the aerobic workout.  They've got some great grooves and riffs in their songs, so the lack of lyrics wasn't really noticeable as you're too wrapped up in what they're all doing instrumentally.

They're definitely a band worth seeing live, I'd be keen to check them out again.


Listen: Vessels Myspace
Official:  Vessels

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