Sunday, 17 April 2011

Week 13: Wed 30 March - Laura Hocking & The Long Goodbye EP Launch, The Slaughtered Lamb, London

I really am getting lazy at maintaining this blog, but I'm still gigging away and attending at least one a week. 

3 weeks ago I went to see Laura Hocking at The Slaughtered Lamb, launch her debut EP.  She'd put in a lot of effort to make it a nice event - baking cupcakes in exchange for a charitable donation (they were good!) and organising a makeshift raffle in exchange for the audience's email addresses.  She seems like a very sound girl and is quite a talented lyricist.

Support came from Tristram, which was one of the reasons I was keen to go.  I saw Tristram play a support slot at the Luminaire a year or two ago and was really impressed.  This time around they played the old favourites including "Rhyme or Reason" and a few I'd not heard before.  I wasn't as blown away by them this time - their sound seems to have altered slightly since the early days and the lead singer is pretty shy, but they're writing some good songs so hopefully I'll soon be able to purchase one of their EPs soon.

Lulu & The Lampshades were the special guests.  I'd not seen them before or really given them a listen, so was curious to see what they'd be like.  I really enjoyed the set, although it went on for 45 minutes which seemed slightly too long considering it was meant to be Laura's big night.

Laura Hocking & The Long Goodbye were very good.  As I said, Laura is a clever lyricist and likes to introduce each of her songs with a bit of context to help you understand the story.  After a while it felt a bit same old, same old, it's all quite innocent folky music and there wasn't enough variation between some songs, but on the whole an enjoyable little party.

Listen: Laura Hocking Myspace
Listen: Lulu & The Lampshades Myspace
Listen: Tristram Myspace

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