Sunday, 17 April 2011

Week 15: Mon 11 April - The Milk, Barfly, Camden

I finally got to see The Milk! Since meeting them during the HMV Next Big Thing and missing their gig that night, I'd been eager to see what all the hype was about surrounding The Milk and now I know.  This is a brilliant live band - they're unbelievably tight and so energetic through their set.  Between each of their songs they play recognisable ditties from other well-known songs, so they don't actually stop for the whole 60 minutes.  Listening to them on CD or online doesn't really do them justice, although their latest single has been receiving very positive reviews - but they're definitely a band who need to be seen live before being judged.  These guys are building up a strong following and everyone leaving their gig on Monday looked very happy and eager to see them again.  Who can't love a band that ends on a rocked-up version of Chemical Brothers' "Galvanise" - it was brilliant!  If only all bands were as professional and well rehearsed, the live scene could be a lot more interesting.


Listen: The Milk Myspace

The Head & The Heart played at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on Tuesday night - I may have broken my "no duplicates" rule, but it was worth it and as I saw The Milk the night before, I didn't feel too guilty.  

They're certainly gaining a following as the audience seemed much more familiar with their songs than they did when we saw them in February at the Lexington.  Their album is finally being released tomorrow so I'll be heading out to buy it.  I saw the band has retweeted a tweet earlier that said "The Head and the Heart = The Head and the Not as Good as Mumford and Sons."  Trust me, they're much better.

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